What things can you do in China that you cannot do in the USA?什么事可以在中国做却在美国行不通?

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In China在中国

You can become a Panda-Nanny.你可以成为熊猫保姆哦。

You can talk price when shopping. “$40 each? I give you $100 for 3!”在购物时可以讲价。“每个40块?干脆3个100块吧!”

You can travel 1,000 miles in less than 7 hrs for $80 with High-Speed train.你可以坐上高铁在不到7小时内到1000公里外的地方,而且只要80元而已哦。

You can argue with police without getting arrested and you can fight the police without getting shot. Chinese police officers are unarmed when they are>

You can avoid paying taxes if your income is below average and still get free social benefits with pension.如果你的工资低于平均水平你可以不用缴税,并且仍可以获得社会津贴。

You can go back in time, experience ancient China.你可以穿越,去领略中国古代。

You can sue your children for not taking care of you.如果你的孩子不赡养你,你可以将他们告上法院。

You can always find a place to hangout, 24/7.一周7天,一天24小时,都有地方可以逛。

You can be a Shaolin Monk, learn martial art from where it began.你可以成为少林和尚,在武术的发源地学习武术。

….. and many many more……  你可以的还有很多很多。

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At the istore, MacBook running on the Windows happens only in China.在苹果专卖店,苹果笔记本运行Windows系统,这情况可能只有中国才有吧。

McDonals China serves rice bowl for lunch麦当劳提供午间米饭套餐。

If McDonalds can serve you rice bowls, Starbucks will take it a notch higher and serve noodles. I kid you not如果麦当劳可以提供米饭套餐,那么星巴克将提高逼格,提供面条。我发四,我没骗你。

It's a common sight to see men roll up their shirt or t-shirt and walk on streets bare bodied during the summer.在夏天,随处可见男士光着膀子,在街上走着。

you’ll find old men and women dancing in parks in the evenings as a form of exercise or performing tai chi in the morning as a discipline ritual.你会发现晚上老大爷老大妈在公园跳舞,这是一项运动;或者他们会在早上练太极,将这个作为一项例行公事。